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Ikea Design Hacks | Part 2 | 2017

Ikea Design Hacks | Part 2 | 2017

So I have been reading this book called the Less of More.

It’s about how we can live with less ‘stuff’ in our lives to find our true passions.

Of course as someone who loves design and trends this can be a bit of a scary thought.

But…I am really leaning into this concept. Working with what I have and making it better is a fun way to do this and get creative.

One of the most popular videos are the one’s where I share a so called ‘hack!’

I think the reason is we all want to add new things to our home and life and if we can find inexpensive ways to do that allow us to get creative and do it ourself it makes it even that much more special.

So…this week’s #DecorWithLove TV is 4 simple items that you may have already, and how you can elevate them in your home.

Decor with love,

P.S: Remember we have a Design Loving Community over a the Decor With Love Facebook Group  Love to see you there!

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