Wallpaper Design Tips

Wallpaper Design Tips

It’s been an interesting time!

There is a mix of design projects going on right now and I’m realizing more and more “That’s how I like it” (cue the Bruno Mars song). Having different projects that challenge me in creative ways.

What I also know is you can bring creativity forward in so many different ways. Your business, your day to day, hobbies and for sure your HOME.

I want you to get inspired — that’s why I do what I do.

One of my favourite things is choosing wallpaper with a client. I think I have a new ‘rule.’ Every space must have WALLPAPER somewhere!

The reason? It creates so much character, personality, texture and honestly just overall goodness to your home.

So if you’ve thought about wallpaper, but were a bit scared, I hear you!

It’s a bit overwhelming and feels like a major commitment. But, wallpaper has come a long way and it’s not the wallpaper of the 80’s anymore.

In today’s new #DecorWithLove TV I’ll share 3 things you need to consider before you purchase your wallpaper!

Make sure to watch till the end because I have a giveaway for you and it’s a goodie!

Decor with love,

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