Texture in your home

Okay, I’m trying something new my friends…video.

My vision is to inspire everyone to love their home. To have a place you feel more creative, relaxed and represents the true you! I hope that my video tips help you achieve that.

Today’s Vblog (so excited to use that term!) focuses on a few key items I like adding to any space to help it feel finished, warm and curated.

More tips to come and I’d love to hear back from you on things you’d like to see or how you have used some of this info to amp up your home

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk!

I was having some ‘pillow talk’ with friends recently on how I believe we need to switch up our pillows and throws twice a year.

That’s my request, come on, just twice a year! So if you’re looking over at your couch right now and see some very summery looking pillows and throws, take them off and let’s replace with some texture. Think faux fur, mohair, velvet, knits and new colours.

Add a throw with more texture – think cozy. There are so many cost conscious pillows and blankets on the market right now.

I have a little video on how to simplify the ‘pillow process’ and how to style them.

My vision is for everyone to have a space they love with Inspired and Accessible Design.

Thanks for watching and if you like this, please share with others and feel free to email me with any questions I can answer on future videos.