Erin Ireland Nursery 1

Kids Room Design

Kids Room Design

Erin Ireland Nursery 1

I wrapped up a super fun project about 6 months ago but sharing it now as the photos were ‘under wraps’ until they were released for Western Living Magazine.

I completely fell in love with this room. All the texture, neutral colours, hits of green and wood makes for a room this little girl can have for years! Hey — I’d sleep here!

It made me really think about kids rooms and how honestly, we (me included) spend a lot of time and money decorating them for the baby stage, then toddler stage, kids, pre-teen…yikes!

Instead how about starting with a room kids can grow into and add their personality as they grow and evolve.

You can see more of the photos here…enjoy!

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Last week was a busy but exhilarating one. You know the kind that uses a lot of emotional energy but in a really good way!

I launched an E-Decor collaboration with Evermodern Home – super excited about this. If you want affordable furniture delivered in days this is the place to go. And if you want my help to design your room, we got you covered. It’s fun to be able to provide this service to you literally from your computer!

Last Friday, a condo project of mine, got photographed to appear in Style At Home Magazine! Eek, very excited about this. It was a great day of styling it up for the shoot and I remembered how much I love the little details that really make a space.

This leads me to this week’s video. One of the spaces we hadn’t done was the kids room in this space. I was able to put it together quite quickly and got me thinking of the common elements needed for kids rooms. This can apply to bedroom and playrooms.

Here are the 5 items that I think every kids room should have along with some great inspiration photos to get you started.

I’d love to hear your favourite tips for decorating your kids room – leave me a comment below.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week!

Decor with love,