White Home Decor

White Home Decor

One of the big colour trends of 2017 has been dark colours — greens, purples, blacks.

As much as I love this trend, and it really does work in the right space, nothing can replace my love for white.

The reason. It’s timeless. It opens up a space. It creates cohesiveness. It goes with any style. And it goes with almost anything else you put with it.

Have I sold you on white yet?

But, choosing a white to paint your walls, furniture or kitchen is a whole other ball of wax (that’s still an expression right!?).

White, like every colour, has undertones. Pesky undertones. It could be yellow, blue, purple.

So how do you choose the right white and make sure that it doesn’t look cold and sterile (everyone fears this but trust me white done right is one of the warmest colours to choose).

I created a little video for you of how I personally decorate with white and then below are some of my favourite whites and why they work!

Favour: if you think any of your decor loving friends who struggle with colour and would like this info, please feel free to pass it along…xo Karla