Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

#DecorWithLove TV is BACK!

If you want to truly LOVE where you live, then stay tuned because every Thursday I’m sending you my best tips to inspire easy changes you can make in your home. 

And, I’m starting us off with the room that always gets left to last. You know the space I’m talking about. You hopefully spend about  8 hours a day there but do you love it? Yes, we’re chatting about your BEDROOM!

And don’t worry, you are not alone. The undone master bedroom happens to us all (me included). Even if we love decorating, this room seems to get the smallest budget, time and attention.

Sound familiar?

Really, there are a few key things you need to do to make your bedroom feel finished and beautiful.

I’m excited to show you a few easy steps on how to create a beautiful master bedroom!

I was lucky enough to film this one in bedroom that was featured in Style At Home magazine this past summer.

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Let me know if you plan on making any changes to your bedroom and which tip inspired you the most.

Also, I’m taking on only a couple more Design Projects for 2016 so if you’ve been on the fence, make sure to email me. You can read more about the NEW Decor With Love programs here.

Decor with Love,

Karla xo


The Her Initiative

Decor With Love ‘For Her’ Programs

I’m going to quote Queen B – aka Beyonce. Yes, you heard that right.

She said life is like a puzzle and you have to be aware enough to see the pieces and how they all fit together (I’m totally paraphrasing). Another way of saying it is connecting the dots of life.

I believe this to be true.

For the past couple years I have really wanted to add a giving back component to my business. But the clarity around how I do this has changed.

I dabbled with different things — giving money to causes I believed in, donating my services, reasearching Kiva loans, attending events where proceeds went to charity, and making purchases that were aligned with a purpose driven organization.

All of these were good things but I was looking for something else. I wanted to be part of something where I didn’t feel like I needed to be rich or have myself totally figured out in order to be of service. Where I could be a woman, mom, and entrepreneur that could make an impace through what I do.

Well, long story short, I had a big ‘win’ at work early this summer so I bought myself a piece of jewerly. The company I bought it from gave a portion of the proceeds to help women around the world. I then followed this company on social media. They sent me a note – we connected – and as they say the rest is history (in the making).

I’m so thrilled to have partnered with The Her Initiative: providing access to clean water and specific health & hygiene curriculum to women in the developing world. Women and girls spend around 6 hours a day collecting water – giving up their education to do this. This dirty water is a major cause of so many health related issues with a child dying from a water related disease every 90 seconds.

Our first initiative together is the Decor With Love programs. It’s about LOVE. INSPIRATION. COLLABORATION.

After survey’s, customer work, feedback and true listening, I created two new programs that really meet the needs of my customers who struggle with putting together a space they love but don’t know where to start and want guidance and support along the way.

Each of these programs will give 5% back to The Her Initiative with a goal of supporting 10 women for a full year of clean water. This will not only impact these women but also their families, children and community.

My vision is to empower and inspire you in your space and empower women around the world!

The Her Initiative

You can read more about the new Decor With Love programs here. I will only be taking on a few new projects this year so let me know if you want to be part of the movement!

Decor with Love,

Karla xo

P.S.: New #DecorWithLove TV coming next week so stay tuned!