Apartment Decor

Apartment Decor

Have you ever walked into a space and it just doesn’t work?

Things just don’t look right but you’re not able to pinpoint what needs to be changed?

We have all either personally had this problem in our home or seen it and most commonly it’s in condos.

They can be some of the most challenging for layout, function, colour scheme and creating character when decorating.

There is a formula and some design principles I use and want to share.

Last week on City TV’s Breakfast Television I shared my Favourite Condo Decorating Tips along w

Have a look and please share with your family and friends who live in a condo, or townhouse or house for that matter, and could benefit from this.

Let me know if you plan on using any of these tips in your space? I’d love to hear from you!

Decor with love,


P.S.: New #DecorWithLove TV coming this September. Hit reply and let me know your Design Dilemna and I might answer it on video for you!