Your Home Reflects How You Feel

Coco Chanel Quote

Coco Chanel Quote

Okay here we go!

So those who know me well, know I’m a seeker of growth and living your best life. I come by it very honestly from my dad who, to me, is like a Vancouver Tony Robbins.

I’ve wanted a way to bridge the two worlds of design and living your best life. I’ve dabbled with a couple ideas and this weekend it hit me. Where of all places? In the airport.

I had a unique opportunity to go to Los Angeles this past weekend and spend part of the day at a beautiful home in West Hollywood with 4 whole hearted entrepreuners and Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love.

I’m not saying this to get a ‘wow, good for you’ I’m saying this because I’ve been making a series of choices in my life with the help of some wonderful people (you know who you are) that have led me to do certain things that wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago – for that matter even 2 years ago.

I learned a lot this weekend, but as with most things, I don’t think it’s about the actual ‘to do’s’ but sometimes it can be an offhanded comment that makes a huge difference.

For me, it was a discussion on empathy. And how the best businesses can be and have been founded with a base of empathy. As someone who thought my very hyper-aware empathy was kind of a curse, this epiphany turned it around to view as a strength.

And…in relation to design and creating a space you love I’ve pondered what the real reason is people may live in chaos, or in a home they just don’t love. It’s about how we feel on the inside and that reflecting on our outer world.

So, bridging this world of design and self love is really quite simple. I’m here to understand and assist you in creating a space that reflects and uplifts your internal feelings. I’ve been on, and will continue to be on, this journey right beside you.

With this in mind, I’ve created a new product line up which I’m super excited about as I put myself in your shoes and what is of most value to you.

With my little family, I’m only able to take on a few programs a month, so if this interests you please contact me so I can get you scheduled. I promise to put a huge smile on your face every time you walk through your door.

Thanks for reading and if you think this might be valuable for someone you know, please send it their way.

Decor with love,

Karla xo

The Copper Trend


The Copper Trend

The Copper Trend

#Back to Style Periscope Monday Re Cap: The Copper Trend

For those of you who joined the Periscope, thank-you and those reading afterwards, thanks for hopping on over!

Today we chatted copper. This is definitely a trend in home design right now. We have seen gold for a while and in my opinion it’s here to stay. And golds sister, copper is now showing up every where!

So here are a few tips of how to incorporate into your home.

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Here are my tips for adding a little copper into your home:

1. Don’t pull out your old copper from your grandma. Sorry! This trend is a new, fresh look and using your old copper could work, but that would be more of an industrial trend.

2. You can mix this metal. Adding copper doesn’t mean getting rid of your silver and gold. Keep and mix

3. As with most trends, go with accessories. Vases, lamps, pillows are probably the best way to start with this trend.

4. Don’t spend a ton of money on it. As with fashion trends, unless you know you’ll love it for years, this is a chance to go cheap and cheerful and try for a season

5. Coffee tables and side tables are your best way to bring this trend in with vases, trays, sculptural items.

To get you started with this trend I created the “look for less.” I found a great example on Pinterest of using copper and created a simple design board with items at great prices you can get today.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this trend and send me pics if you implement this into your home.

Decor with Love,


Nordic Style


Nordic Style Design Board

#BacktoStyle Monday’s Periscope: Nordic Style

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Today we are discussing trends and more specifically the Nordic Trend. I think this is a perfect fall trend to start with. So what is the Nordic trend. Here are 3 tips to remember:

1. Think black. If you are going to follow this trend think of adding black, especially matte black to your space.

2. Simplicity. Let’s scale it back. Less is more with this trend. Don’t over accessorize, use only a few key pieces that you love.

3. Clean lines. When choosing nordic style furnishings the cleaner the better. Sleek design and function are key to this look.

4. Think wood. Nordic design is about light wood floors, wood tables and other hand crafted material.

5. Open shelving. Yes organization is key to this trend. Open shelving and showing your books, collectables (in a curated manner of course).

7. Statement lighting. Very cool and sculptural lighting is on this trend and really makes the room.

8. Limited colour. Starting with a colour palette of black, white and grey is a good start.

To get you started on this trend, I created a “Look for Less” Design Board. Below is an inspiration I found via Pinterest and then found similar items at great price points you can implement.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this trend and send me pics if you implement this into your home.

Decor with Love,