Creative Ju-Ju

There is an interesting balance between creativity and business.

I have a corporate background, but always longed and felt so envious of those who were able to work their ‘passions.’

I then started working my passion and while I still gave thought to the business side, it was more about learning and emerging in my love for decor.

Then the past few months I put a focus on the business side. New website, marketing campaigns, new E-Decor packages, educational videos, customer service programs, technical updates to designs etc.

This is all great and needs to be done but somewhere along the way I lost a bit of my creative ju-ju.

I wasn’t feeling as excited. I wasn’t spending hours lusting on Pinterest, finding the most beautiful lighting, fabric, wallpaper etc.

I had this feeling as I should be doing something ‘bigger’ or more meaningful.

Then this weekend, it came back to me. I went back to the beginning of how I first got inspired. Reading blogs, visiting gorgeous websites, scouring magazines for new decor ideas.

And phew…I still LOVE decor. And, I don’t need to do more. My vision is for girls and women to be lit up with inspiration and creativity. And this vision comes from me being inspired and creative and then sharing.

So for me to be of service, it’s living this and spreading that creativity to others and seeing them lit up with their new beautiful spaces.

I know there is more in the works for me in terms of giving back. But for now, the best thing I can do is keep my creative fire going and see that trickle effect for others.

With all that being said. Thank-you for listening. As summer is pretty much here, I will be working on E-Decors and new content for videos which I’m pumped about.

If there are any questions you want answered in a video email me at

And I leave you with a little video on how to make your kitchen counter sing a little with a few simple tips you can do today.

Please share this video with family and friends and keep spreading the #DecorWithLove…

Karla xo

Coffee Table Styling (Part 2)

In 2010, we did a home exchange in Malibu home for a week.

I LOVED it. Being near the beach, sunshine and California living.

What I also loved is this stay is that it confirmed my love for design and influenced my “why.”

Without really knowing anything about the family who lived in the house, I could tell so much about them by their home.

It was all in the details. The little things and touches.

I remember a collection of shells, lots of art, books on architecture. In their sons room there was surfboards hanging from the walls.

Now, this kind of thing can go wrong and this family knew how to do it right. By that I mean adding personal touches in an intentional way.

When I got home from that trip it sent me on a bit of a quest. To create a home that if someone didn’t know me they could tell a bit about me from my home.

It’s all in the details. Isn’t this true in life. It’s the little touches you add to your home that make the space.

A favourite book, a beautiful candle, your child’s artwork (careful, this one can be a slippery slope).

I have 2 little ones so completely understand that things can’t look “styled” all the time. But I do challenge you to bring out the things you love or allow styling to be a place of creativity.

Here is a bit on coffee table styling. You may have these items already.

I’d love to hear your feedback if you tried some of these ideas. And, if you found this video helpful I’d love it if you could share with your tribe.

Decor with love,