My Favourite Home Item

So, my babe turned 7 this past weekend. Yes, 7. I can’t believe it. It’s so cliche but time really does fly with kids.

I remember hearing someone say once that the days are long and the years are fast and that couldn’t be truer.

What was interesting this year is she asked her dad and I for specific gifts that basically represented our influence and interests.

She wanted space books and golf stuff from her dad. She wanted buddha’s and crystals from me. I guess I really am turning a bit woo-woo 🙂

What I love is at her age she knows what her favourite things are and is clear on what she loves.

I find myself personally getting more clear on what I love these days. From the books I want to read, the clothes I want to buy, the places I go, activities I do, things I want to eat and what I surround myself with.

One thing ‘I know for sure’ is my favourite item when designing a room.

I use at least one in every project.

This items is functional but stylish. Portable but stable. Textured yet glamourous.

Click below to find out the item I think every home needs. Please share with your family and friends by forwarding this newsletter or posting to social media.

With summer approaching I will be taking on less E-Decor’s. If you’ve been thinking about it, click over to my video on some of the FAQ’s out there.

A fully designed room package at your fingertips to implement and time and budget allows!

Decor with love


Hiding That Ginormous Black Box

Does anyone watch regular TV anymore? Besides my sources for all things on Cityline and Marilyn Denis, which I PVR, most of my tube time is Netflix or movies.

Speaking of, my new obsession is Bloodline. Anyone else watching? So good.

Even my girls don’t watch regular TV and if they do they wonder what the heck those 30 second things are in the middle that interrupt what they’re watching. For us oldies, we know them as commercials.

With all that being said, almost all of us still have TV’s and they seem to be getting ginormous!? 

I thought with technology everything would look sleeker and smaller. TV’s nowadays are much thinner, but from a ‘designer’ perspective, they are still a big eye sore!

But, I’m here to help. I’m here to give you a couple tips that can help make that huge black box in your living room look a tad bit better, including my favourite way to mask it.

Here’s what I’d love from you. Please share this video so we can end the tragedy of ugly TV situations and please post any pics on my blog if you have implemented any of these ideas.

As summer nears (yahoo!) I will be taking on less E-Decor for July and August so if you have been thinking about it, pondering, wondering – please reach out soon since I’m booking up June already. Follow this link to work with me.

Sound familiar? Don’t leave me hanging people.

So I thought I’d tap into your brain and answer any questions you may have about hiring a designer and specifically my E-Decor Program.

Decor With Love,

I Know What You’re Thinking

When I had my first daughter, almost 7 years ago (yikes!), I remember doing the first time parent baby shopping.

You know what I’m talking about. You THINK you need every item ever made to make parenting easier.

I remember my husband and I going to one of those big box stores, being completely overwhelmed, and wishing someone could answer all the little questions we had. Just make the process easier.

I had a lot of questions.

And it got me thinking how it’s easy to ask questions when it’s a product as it’s not personal.

A service however feels a bit more personal.

I’ve hired trainers, sleep coaches, other designers and have felt timid to ask some of the questions I wanted answered.

Sound familiar? Don’t leave me hanging people.

So I thought I’d tap into your brain and answer any questions you may have about hiring a designer and specifically my E-Decor Program.

I am a palms up person and want to be that way in my business.

I created a little FAQ on E-Decor so you can be clear if it’s something that aligns with your needs. I’ve included questions I’ve been asked and also ones that I would have if I were you.

I’d love your feedback and to know if you have any further questions. Please reach out.

And if you know someone who E-Decor is perfect for please forward this email to them. I appreciate your support during this exciting time.

Decor with love,