Do You Feel Uninspired?

I did. There were many years where I was stuck creatively. And to be honest it was suffocating.

My journey into tapping into creativity was a process. I felt a calling. I started searching for it and that lasted for years. Years of looking outside myself for things and people that inspired me.

I then stepped my toe into creativity. I started a blog. It was called Lovin’ That and it was collection of things that I loved and wanted to share.

I had about 53 special, wonderful people who followed me (thanks my friends!).

What I noticed after a period of time was many of these items were home decor related.

We then moved and I worked with another blogger/designer on my home. I found the magic. I was lit up with inspiration with creativity.

Now, it still took years to get the balls (excuse my language) to take the leap etc, etc. but the burning desire was there. After being lit up with inspiration and creativity there was no turning back.

Fast forward years later and my vision is now to see everyone lit up with inspiration and creativity.

I know I can do this with my E-Decor program. I can be a small part of the inspiration and creative process for others and that’s what drives me.

When first working with a #Decorwithlove client, I always ask them to show me images of what inspires them.

This can feel intimidating. There is a common thread about not knowing what we love. What’s ironic is once I see about 3 pictures, I feel I have nailed their loves and style.

Here is a little video on collecting inspiration. Even if you are not in the process of making changes to your home right now, collecting inspiration can be a great place to look to get your creative energy going.

Love to hear your thoughts on inspiration in the comments below.

Decor with Love,

Bring Some Bling Into Your Life

Bling baby bling!

I’ve entered into a new world. The playdate world with my 6 year old daughter. I have mixed feelings on this new phenomenon.

When I was little we just played in the cul-de-sac. Now kids have these organized, structured ‘playdates.’ I have this feeling that years from now there will be tons of studies on this new generation of play.

So what does this have to do with anything about design. Well, it’s my own ego pressure. Many of the moms know I do design and say “oh, I can’t wait to see your house.”

All of a sudden I feel a sense of insecurity rushing in. What if they don’t like it?

I know I can design beautiful homes for other people but to be honest, I feel like my place is an ever changing work in progress and place for experimentation – some right, some wrong.

This got me thinking – what does make a room? What elements make you walk in and say ‘wow, I love your place.’

This may sound superficial, but having a home you love is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and your family.

And it’s okay to admit we want that wow factor when someone walks in. No judgement.

So I created a list of the 5 things every room should have. I love this list. It’s simple and if you follow, it will add that little something you may have been lacking.

One of the items is bling. Which can scare some people, but every room needs just a touch of sparkle.

My video shows you a few ways you can inject bling.

If you want the full list – head on over to my website to sign up for the PDF and please share with anyone you think may find this valuable.

Love to hear your thoughts on bling in the comments below.

Decor with Love,

Painting Your Way To Happiness

The house my family lived in before our current home was a bit of a colour nightmare for me. It was a beautiful home but was about the brownest house in the world.

Now, don’t anyone get offended please. Brown is great, but this brown, not so much. From the exterior to interior to bathrooms – everything a bad version of BROWN. I was determined to turn this brown baby into a lighter, brighter haven.

And I did that! With the help of some paint.

I painted a grey that had a bit of a brown undertone and it completely transformed the space. It went from looking dated and lifeless to fresh and current. Yes, just with the paint.

I want to share a few of my tips for finding the best paint colour for you. There are 3 important things you need to know before you choose that perfect colour.

I’d love to hear in the comments your biggest painting challenges.

And, as I’d love to assist as many people as possible into painting your way to happiness, please share this email and/or video with your tribe.

Decor with Love,
Karla xo

Solving Your Storage Woes in Small Spaces

I’m a city gal. I love living close to amenities and the vibe of city life.

My girls on the other hand have already told me that they love the country, want horses and a big house that me and their dad can come stay in. Too funny!

With city living, there are some definite sacrifices – mainly space. We moved into our current home a year and a half ago and it’s less than half the size of the home we had outside the city.

This meant some serious clearing and creative storage solutions. It’s still a work in progress but I have found a few things that have helped tremendously and wanted to share.

Here’s a hint…go vertical. Look for unexpected places you can add more storage in places you might otherwise leave as is.

I’d love to hear some of your best storage solution ideas. Please share this post and comment below on your favourite ways to hide the clutter. This is a hot topic that can be so helpful to others.

Excited to see your comments and thanks for reading and sharing. I’ve got some fun stuff coming your way!

Decor with love,