How To Turn Your Console Tables From Boring to Beautiful

It’s an exciting week for me. I have had the opportunity to collaborate on an amazing event that is about Inspiring and Connecting moms to live their dreams and THRIVE!

100 women will come together for real and honest conversations about motherhood, our challenges and what we need to give our selves permission to do. That’s my kind of evening…

I’m sharing this because I’m really committed to running a Purpose Driven Company at Karla Dreyer Design and one of the things I’m so passionate about is seeing woman and young girls lit up and inspired with creativity.

One of the ways I do this is through the 3 pillars of Love, Inspiration and Collaboration/Creativity. My videos fall under Inspiration. My hope is to provide a nugget of knowledge and insight into creating a space you love.

One of the most common questions I get is about styling. What do I put on those darn console tables so they don’t look like dust or junk collectors.

Here are a few simple tips of items you probably have right now that you can use.

Can I ask one favour of you? If you do like this video and these tips, please share the link with your friends so they can have some #DecorWithLove!

Leave a comment below of what you like to put on your console tables and any design tips or challenges we can help with.

Thanks for listening and watching!

Decor with love,


My New Website

This post is a little different than my regular Decor Coaching.

I want to share something very valuable I have learned in my business, and life.

Do you know your “Why?”

Last summer I had lunch with a woman I adore and respect personally and professionally. One thing that really stuck with me from our conversation is when she asked ‘Why” I do what I do.

I believe all of us know and especially as entrepreneurs there is a reason we are doing this but have you really thought about the Why. Once you know everything changes.

So what’s my why? I have always been a creative person but didn’t always let that shine. About 5 years ago, I worked with a designer on my house and I was inspired to create a home that represented my family and we loved.

This sent me on a sort of quest you could say for Inspiration. I want everyone to get excited and create more love, creativity and inspiration in their life and in their home.
I envision a world where people are lit up and inspired with love. Your home is where love is. Where you relax, create, share and are most yourself.

Being clear on my Why led me to focus on E-Decor and create my new website.

Everyone deserves to have a space they love, but can be overwhelmed by hiring a designer. My program is the roadmap to create your dream space giving you a completely curated room that can be implemented as time and budget allows.

#DecorWithLove is my mission – Love, Inspiration and Collaboration.

On my new website, I am offering free training videos and a monthly draw for a Skype consult.

I’d love to hear about your decor loves and challenges, favourite rooms and things you’d like me to share to help you. Visit me on Facebook and Instagram and please share the rooms where meaning is created with the hashtag #DecorWithLove

Thanks for listening and watching!

Decor with love, Karla