Accent Wall – Paint or Wallpaper?

Wallpaper or Painted Accent Wall?

You can hear my choice in my video below, but seeing these examples might give you a bit of a hint.

I love wallpaper. When done right it can really make a space. Wallpaper has come along way from the days of floral borders around your kitchen (sorry to anyone who may have this still).

What I love is painting most of a home in a light neutral colour and then in spaces you want that wowzer factor – try wallpaper.

Here are some beauties that caught my eye. And, stay tuned for an exciting ‘wallpaper announcement’ in the coming months (what a tease heh!).

I LOVE this one by the very talented The Red Palette


A very different look but I’m feeling office on this one from Graham and Brown


Or this popular one which just says little girl from Anthropologie


Listen to my video to find out where I think are some great places to add Wallpaper…

Decor With Love, Karla

Painting with Grey

Is it just me or is this week flying by!

I am usually not much of a winter person. I dread it to be honest. This year feels different. I am embracing and enjoying what winter brings.

My girls are in ski school for the first time and it is such a proud parent moment to see them learn a new skill and how they beam afterwards so proud of themselves. I love it!

This week also started with a great surprise on the work front. I won Best of Houzz Design and Best of Houzz Customer Service Award. Really grateful for this and even though I try not to be validated by ‘outside’ things, it’s still pretty nice once in a while!

Okay, back to Decor Coaching. Today is one question I pretty much hear at every consultation. What colour should I paint? I really want grey.

I know, you really want grey. It’s a great neutral colour. I love grey. But as you know there are many shades and undertones to consider.

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the choices.

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Decor With Love, Karla