Happy 2015 everyone! There is definitely something in the air for a great year. This year is the most I’ve heard people really setting themselves up to live the life they want. I love that.

Every year, for probably about the past 10 years, I have given a word to represent it. This year it’s Connection.

Now if you’re still reading and wondering what the heck this has to do with Design, it’s that my goal is have more ways I can connect and provide inspiration and value to you!

One of my favourite ways to connect is sharing some Decor Tips and Tricks. I personally know how it feels to go from a space that is ‘meh’ to a space that you love. You want to spend more time at home, you feel more relaxed and it gets your creative side going.

So I have created (and will continue) to create a series of videos with information I hope provides value to you. Please feel free to share these videos and email me with ideas you’d like me to discuss. Love to have your questions.

Today’s video is about lighting and how much lighting you need in a room. Would I scare you if I said about 7 sources of lighting for one room!? Find out more…

Decor With Love, Karla

Coffee Table Styling

I want to share some quick tips for styling your coffee table.

I have to admit, looking at mine right now covered in magazines and kids books it doesn’t always look the way I want but it’s an easy fix.

There are a few items you probably already have around your home that you can add to your coffee table to give it a finished look.

Thanks for watching and if you like this video, I’d love if you can share with those who also might find it helpful. My goal is for everyone to have a space they love!