Side Table Styling

What to do with that wacky wall?

Design should inspire and provide function. That being said, sometimes there is a wall or space that you’re not sure what to do with.

I see this a lot where there is a bare space and it can leave a room feeling a little lost. I had that happen in a project last year. There was a wall we could have left blank or put up a picture. All would have been fine, but instead I decided to add a console, mirror and baskets. The result: it’s functional, curated and adds warmth to the space.

Sometimes in a small space it can be scary to add too much furniture, but adding the right pieces can actually make a room feel larger than the alternative of leaving it blank.

I hope this little video inspires you to look at any lost spaces in your home and to get creative. Please let me know any changes you make. I’d love to hear!

My vision is for everyone to have a space they love with Inspired and Accessible Design.

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I want to share something very valuable I have learned in my business, and life.

Do you know your “why?”

Last summer I had lunch with a woman I adore and respect personally and professionally. One thing that really stuck with me from our conversation is when she asked why I do what I do.

I believe all of us know and especially as entrepreneurs there is a reason we are doing this but have you really thought about the why. Once you know everything changes.

So what’s my why? I have always been a creative person but didn’t always let that shine. About 5 years ago, I worked with a designer on my house and was inspired internally. I was inspired to create a home that represented my family and that we loved.

This sent me on a sort of quest you could say for Inspiration. I want everyone to get excited and create more love, creativity and inspiration in their life and in their home.
I envision a world where people are lit up and inspired with love. Your home is where love is. Where you relax, create, share and are most yourself.

Being clear on my Why led me to focus on E-Decor and create my new website.

Everyone deserves to have a space they love but it can be overwhelming to hire a designer. My program is the roadmap to create your dream space, giving you a completely curated room that can be implemented as time and budget allows.

#DecorWithLove is my mission. On my new website, I am offering free training videos and a monthly draw for a Skype consult.

I’d love to hear about your decor loves and challenges, favourite rooms and things you’d like me to share that would help you. Visit me on Facebook and Instagram and please share the rooms where meaning is created with the hashtag #DecorWithLove

Thanks for listening and watching!

Decor with love, Karla

Texture in your home

Okay, I’m trying something new my friends…video.

My vision is to inspire everyone to love their home. To have a place you feel more creative, relaxed and represents the true you! I hope that my video tips help you achieve that.

Today’s Vblog (so excited to use that term!) focuses on a few key items I like adding to any space to help it feel finished, warm and curated.

More tips to come and I’d love to hear back from you on things you’d like to see or how you have used some of this info to amp up your home

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk!

I was having some ‘pillow talk’ with friends recently on how I believe we need to switch up our pillows and throws twice a year.

That’s my request, come on, just twice a year! So if you’re looking over at your couch right now and see some very summery looking pillows and throws, take them off and let’s replace with some texture. Think faux fur, mohair, velvet, knits and new colours.

Add a throw with more texture – think cozy. There are so many cost conscious pillows and blankets on the market right now.

I have a little video on how to simplify the ‘pillow process’ and how to style them.

My vision is for everyone to have a space they love with Inspired and Accessible Design.

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